About Us

nftONE arises out of Gallery One, first founded in Dubai in 2006 and quickly becoming the region’s leading multi-gallery and digital art authority – with a resilient focus on “regionally & culturally relevant art”.


Trusted by collectors and artists for its commitment towards elevating regional creations to a global audience and its unwavering accountability for art integrity, Gallery One brings its history, expertise, passion, relationships, and trustworthiness into this new world where it is imperative that we integrate pioneering new technologies to future-proof art as a store-of-value and nurture its appreciating value potential for our clients.


nftONE offers a seamless service for buying and selling regionally relevant art and rare collectibles in the form of NFTs within a controlled auction calendar and within a strictly curated environment, working exclusively with specialists at a collector’s individual pace.


Our understanding of this region’s culture, heritage, principals, passions, sources of creativity and value for the collector community, is and will remain – unparalleled.



We realise the immense value inherent in each of our artists’ digital creations and provide collectors, investors, and frequent traders with the opportunity to capitalize on the most sought-after and respected art from across the MENA region.