User Agreement

User Agreement

nftONE is an open cultural community based on values of mutual respect between creators, collectors, and curators – a digital space with creative freedom of speech and where no idea is taboo.



  1. Kindness
  2. Inclusivity
  3. Respect

However, in order for this virtual Nirvana to exist, we still have to all agree on a few simple rules.



Artists, art and creative expression is at the heart of nftONE. We don’t want to limit you, but here’s what we expect from you…


When you mint and sell an NFT on nftONE:

  1. You maintain all legal rights, including copyrights and trademarks of your original work
  2. You can reproduce, distribute, exhibit, and make derivative work of your piece

BUT here’s what you can’t do:

  1. You can’t upload anyone else’s copyrighted or otherwise proprietary work.
  2. You can’t create additional NFTs that represent the same piece. However, related works in a series are acceptable.



As a collector, your forward-thinking approach to arts patronage is pushing boundaries and creating a new, exciting digital space where traditional notions of art collections are being turned on their heads. In order for our peer-to-peer community to thrive, we only ask a few things from you as a collector.


When you collect an NFT on nftONE:

  1. You own the NFT that represents the artwork on the blockchain
  2. You can display and share the piece
  3. You can exhibit the piece on any platform or in any virtual space
  4. You can resell or trade it on a secondary market

BUT what you can’t do:

  1. You cannot claim legal ownership, copyright, trademark, or any other form of intellectual property rights
  2. You cannot use the NFT artwork for any commercial purpose
  3. You cannot make any changes to the NFT artwork
  4. You cannot share the work in a context which can be construed as hateful, cruel, or intolerant
  5. You cannot create additional NFTs representing the same artwork


Let’s create a positive environment – no spamming, stealing, or lying and don’t cause harm, or be hateful.


If we become aware that a creator is doing any of these things, the nftONE team will mediate the situation and determine the appropriate action, which may include account suspension.