Moon in Motion: What’s the story?

  • Florian Kriechbaumer
  • NFT
  • 16 March

The moon has been a celestial companion of our earth for 4.5 billion years, created by a large coincidental collision of two bodies roaming the universe according to the Giant-impact hypothesis. While the degree of authority our rocky friend commands over mental and physical wellbeing of mankind remains disputed, its influence on our planetary and human existence is undeniable throughout the course of time.

“Moon in Motion” is my way to connect the human and earthly with the celestial, an embodiment of our species’ fascination with the moon, and the desire to explore space and go beyond our home planet. Using only real compositions and photographic time-lapse and video capture, each piece is the result of a combination of many factors coming together through meticulous planning, and aims to showcase a scene in ways not normally observed by the average bystander. The work is brought to life using augmented reality techniques that connects the static physical component with its digital motion counterpart.

The outcome is a collection of photographs / videos that intends to evoke a new-found sense of wonder and appreciation for the synchronicity between features of human origin and the lunar surface in our skies, contrasting its continued perceived unattainability for mere mortals, and the sheer distance between earth and moon.

All of the NFTs in this collection come with a physical collectible for the first buyer.

You can view the entire collection here.