Scribble Faces: From Syria with Love

  • Rimi Koutoubi
  • NFT
  • 17 March

Who am I:

My name is Rimi Al Koutoubi. I’m a Syrian artist. I have always fallen back on painting and on colors to express myself. As a child it was my go-to escape when I had free time.

What is my favorite medium:

The medium of choice for me would be oil paint, although I do work with acrylic and ink as well. During the pandemic lockdown, art and painting kept me sane despite the absurdity of the situation. I saw this as an opportunity to start my love affair with digital art. It has given me the freedom to create at any given time or place and also explore the world of NFTs.

Scribble Faces:

My current digital art collection “Scribble Faces” describes the “Chaos and Struggle of the human mind” in different circumstances.

Since I am inspired by feelings and emotions, my art also mainly relies on an experience or emotion that has impacted me during the timeframe of the artwork, and what better way to express a sentiment than with a portrait. The face says it all.

The ideal journey for my creativity would be to keep creating and producing art, while being true to my feelings and passions while producing an artwork.

In case you haven’t yet had the chance, please look at “Laila” a scribble face inspired by the strongest woman I know; my mother.