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James Ward

Husband || Father || Pilot || Yorkshireman in Dubai

Waleed Shah

Waheed Akhtar


Shurooq Amin has been an artist for 30 years, being the first Kuwaiti female artist to exhibit at the Venice Biennale, and the first female Kuwaiti artist to be auctioned at Christie's. Amin moved into the NFT space in early 2021 to avoid censorship of her art. She is the first Kuwaiti NFT artist, and continues to open dialogues on taboo topics in the aim of harnessing diversity, acceptance, peace and universal love. Announcement from the Artist: "It is my honor to announce a long term partnership with Give, a platform that is a gateway to registered, Kuwaiti charities, facilitating donations to those in need, and connecting the donor with the charity of their choice with ease and transparency. 50% of all my NFT sales across all my platforms will be donated to charity using Give . Each month we will be focusing on a specific charity in a specific country, for the sake of transparency. That charity will be posted on my social media and NFT marketplaces. The charities on Give's platform currently have campaigns in (alphabetically): Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cambodia, Chad, Djibouti, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Myanmar, Niger, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, UK, Yemen." More info about Give can be found on their website: https://www.give.org.kw/en/

Shabnoor Qureshi

Shaboor is an analyst turned artist and is into calligraphy, abstract art and sustainable furniture

Salamat Husain

Salamat Husain, also known as Sal, is an Indian born photographer shuttling between Mumbai and Dubai. He is a fine arts, landscape, architecture, interior photographer specialising in people, lifestyle and food. His work has featured in leading Indian magazines and international publications including, Vogue, Taj Magazine, GQ and Verve.

Riyad Kishi

Awarded artist and architect based in Dubai

Rimi Koutoubi

Syrian artist. Oil painter/digital artist. My Scribble Faces Collection mainly describes the "Chaos and Struggle of the human mind". Each with its own underlying message. I'm inspired by feelings and emotions, and my drawings mainly rely on an experience or emotion that has impacted me during the timeframe of the artwork. I love to draw and paint faces...The face says it all...

Rafa Tom

Ambassador of Art 2021, Art Olympic Medallist Rome 2021/ International Art Prize Award / Art Universal Encyclopedia / 1st Bieniale Award Palermo 2021//QIAF Award 2021/ Leonardo Da Vinci Prize and Award Florence 2022 Rafa is a Lebanese Canadian Fine Artist and Art Educator, living now in Dubai, UAE for 15 years

Petra Kaltenbach

Petra is an awarded German Fine + Video + NFT Artist, Graphic Designer and Curator of World Art Dubai. Her core theme is TRANSFORMATION

Nazeeha Ajmal

Nazeeha is an Arabic calligraphy and mandala artist based in Dubai. she loves experimenting different styles of art . Calligraffiti is her most favorite form of art and she has been trying to create new styles by fusing mandala and calligrafitti.


Set out to empower and support newcomers and artists.

MORROW Collective

MORROW collective are NFT curators, working with galleries, artists and museums to introduce them to the NFT space. MORROW collective supports established and emerging crypto artists by hosting events and exhibitions that showcase NFT artworks in VR, AR and IRL. Through a multi-pronged approach, MORROW collective consults and guides our partners seamlessly into the Metaverse. MORROW has an unwavering focus on quality art and curation, and endeavours to raise the profile of established and exceptional artists in the NFT sphere.

Mahmood Mohamed

Kareem Mazhar

Kareem Mazhar is a multi-talented, award winning photographer based in the United Arab Emirates.

Khawla Abou Saleh

Visual Artist and Art Instructor

Jack Lee

Award winning artist Jack Lee has been living in Abu Dhabi since 2006, where he spends most of his day with UAE nationals, learning and documenting their culture. He teaches Fine Art, conducts independent workshops and gives lectures in different schools and universities. Moreover, Jack is a private teacher of several royal families in the UAE. Jack is also a member of the Emirates Fine Art Society. He has received numerous awards from National and International art competitions. Most of Jack's works are collected by UAE rulers and art collectors around the world.

Huzefa Hussain

A photographer living in Dubai for the past 16 years. Passionate about capturing vast landscapes and night skies.

Gallery ONE

Gallery One, first founded in Dubai in 2006 quickly becoming the region’s leading multi- gallery and digital art authority – with a resilient focus on “regionally & culturally relevant art”. Trusted by collectors and artists for its commitment towards elevating regional creations to a global audience and its unwavering accountability for art integrity,

Florian Kriechbaumer

Florian Kriechbaumer is a photographer originally from Germany, but calling the UAE his home after having lived in Dubai for over 15 years. For even longer than that he's been lucky enough to develop photography into a passion, creating images across different fields such as travel, landscape, portrait, time-lapse, astro and more, and in the process seeing his work acquired and published by organizations such as CNN, eSquire, Expedia, The National and others. His favorite theme is the alignment of compositional elements in ways that are not easily evident to the human observer, creating a new perspective on common subjects that evoke a sense of appreciation for our surroundings.

Feroz Khan

Never seen without a camera (or far from one), Feroz picked up the art of photography from his grandfather at a very early age (at the expense of destroying a camera or two of his). Specializing in sports photography and videography for corporate short films, when he’s not discussing or planning his next photoshoot, he can usually be found staying up to date on aviation tech or watching movies from the 70s era with a cup of karak chai.

Kristian Olidana

An Artist, Structural Engineer, Software Developer, and Coloring Book Author . A Golden Visa holder in United Arab Emirates.

Noor Hasbi Yusoff

Passionate about social semiotic, intellectuality and calligraphy.

Diaa Allam

Diaa Allam is a world renowned calligrapher, muralist and live art performer. An urban planner and landscape architect by profession, Diaa is the founder of Na7t Designs, the first Emirati brand for Arabic calligraphy fashion and lifestyle. He is also the curator of Ajman Murals Project and the Winner of Al Dar Arabic Calligraphy Art Competition. Diaa participated in 2 Guinness Record Graffiti events and he is well known for his unique calligraphy style in Arabic.

Danny Newton

Danny has always been fascinated by wildlife, learning photography only fueled this passion. Photography gives him the opportunity to show, educate and inspire people to enjoy the Wildlife and Nature that is all around us.

Coco Valdez

Carlos “Coco” Valdez, World Art Dubai 2021 Award Winning Ecuadorian Artist brings his talent & technique to the highest level. He calls himself an “ARTNAUT” as he explores within the space of creation to discover all the possibilities for art in the coming years. Valdez chooses the most traditional mountings and fuses them with the latest technology through Virtual Art and Augmented Reality. The artist retakes the immutable and eternal of esthetic as his own discourse. Art is like a universal language; a kind of art which is constantly mutating but keeping the world´s realistic picture. Apprehending the meaning of beauty is part of his mission. Coco Valdez has exhibited in the United States, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates.

Batool Jafri

As an artist, curator, mentor, art educator and enabler, Batool Jafri has produced powerful and poignant work on the subject of the human mind and soul, while challenging historical and cultural prejudices that lead to marginalization of certain segments of society, particularly women and people of determination.

Ahmed Taher

Egyptian NFT artist and photographer with a goal to bring the community together. My passion for art and photography never stops and I strive to learn something new everyday.

Ibrahim Al Jasmi

Ibrahim Al Jasmi is an Emirati creator from Sharjah.

Ali Alrawi

Ali Alrawi is a talented free style calligraphy artist and graphic designer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He designs for digital and print, working across a wide range of disciplines.


I like to paint with my camera and capture the world in unusual ways.

Aladdin Abdeen

Always an artist at heart. Award winning Aladdin Abdeen is a Jordanian self-taught artist. Aladdin studied Business Administration and worked in the HR field for several years. He took the plunge and made a career change, pursuing his natural artistic talent, exploring portraiture and traditional Arabic calligraphy through painting. His goal is to revive Oriental Art and culture with a new vision, ensuring that its beauty is intrinsic, clear and reflected.

Abdullah Damanhouri

Passionate content creator who transforms imagination to reality.

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